Scroobius Pip – A Negative Narrative Intraview

Photo courtesy Scroobius Pip / A Negative Narrative

Recent 6 music website of the day-er A Negative Narrative curator Ewan, recently bagged a photo-intraview with Scroobius Pip, and asked me to write the blurb. Here it is below, or click to see it online along with the photo-intraview with the man himself here.

Scroobius Pip is a man almost as famous for his beard as for his lyrics – which is not necessarily a bad thing – unless you’re a member of pogonophiles anonymous (and if you are a member, then we probably shouldn’t mention that you can buy Mr Pip’s recently-shaved beard on eBay). But back to the lyrics, for if you are not aware of Scroob’s master manipulation du mots then get thee to our free download (Let Em Come) now for a taster. He’s previously made his vehemently frank, cuttingly shocking, humbly wise, yet piercingly moving words public ear-fodder with the help of Mr Dan Le Sac and his turntables – together going all hip-hop on yo’ass (although without the yo’ass references, they do have standards). It’s thanks to this partnership that you may already be familiar with Pip’s own version of the ten commandments – Thou Shalt Always Kill – and other hip-shaking examples of his razor-sharp incisiveness Get Better, and Letter from God to Man. It’s all in a day’s work though for Mr Pip, whose picture can be found in any reputable dictionary under the entry ‘lyrical profundity’.

A veteran of the spoken word scene, Scroobius Pip has branched out on his own again with a solo album (Distraction Pieces), containing lots of nice collaborations, with lots of lovely producers and artists, about lots of challenging and generally dark topics such as war, freedom of information and the quest for immortality. Depressing as this may sound you can be confident that Pip’s interpretations will seek out the positive, or at least somehow just make all life’s complicated stuff make sense. We are promised that there will be punk, there will be rock, and that there will be hip-hop too, and you could do worse than to pre-order Distraction Pieces (which is released 20 September) before you forget/your boss sees you reading this intraview* (*delete as appropriate).

We hope you like the pictures that Pip has taken for your ocular indulgence. Not one to make an attempt to fit in you will find an answer to the ponderings we posed, stuffed monkey heads, burnt-out buildings and a provocative self-portrait which in a certain light might possibly be construed as playing up to the misconception emanating from less open-minded areas of society that Pip is a terrorist of sorts. Needless to say such subversion is doing nothing but winning us over here at Negative Narrative Towers. Enjoy.

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