Tramlines Sheffield 2011 – Sunday

This year was my second at Tramlines,Sheffield’s urban festival, and the second time I’ve spent the Sunday at the “New Music” stage, again curated by Sheffield hardcore band Rolo Tomassi.

You can read my review for Counterfeit Magazine online here, with photos from Jamie Boynton, or the full text is below:

New Music Stage: Tramlines, Sunday

Sheffield’s finest hardcore daughter and sons Rolo Tomassi, once again plucked the cream of screamo to play Sunday’s Tramlines New Music Stage. From Three Trapped Tigers’ animated, menacing experimentalism, Errors’ energetic electro-rock through to the sheer power of Ghost of A Thousand, creating a hungrily received danger zone of flailing feet and mic leads stretched across the crowd like electrified washing lines. Rolo Tomassi’s headline set mesmerises with Eva Spence’s vocals evoking piercing beauty and jaw-dropping fear that has the crowd falling over themselves, in the true literal sense, to fall at the band’s feet. Check out photos of the New Music Stage and more in our gallery.
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