Read the first part of my adventures in Akureyri in the north of Iceland here, or see the full text below.

Welcome to Akureyri

It’s been years since I’ve been on a propeller plane. Not since I was 14 and got packed off to see my dad in Germany for Christmas – the nearest airport being the tinpot Leeds-Bradford and the flight was so bumpy my little brother had to make use of one of those delightful paper sick bags. Happily, I can inform you, they don’t leak.

But today I had the pleasure of a wing seat on a 56-passenger propeller – er – flying machine from Reykjavik to Akureyri, and after the slick 757 from Heathrow to Keflavik, it took me a bit by surprise. But it was a nice surprise. This feels like proper flying. The kind of flying where you can really have to trust that the nuts and bolts are screwed in properly, watch the wheels retract to make sure they’re behaving as intended, and be grateful that the flight is less than an hour. The kind of flying that when you arrive at your destination, you actually feel like you’ve been transported somewhere new and foreign, and not just dumped at the other end of some convenient modern living travel conveyer belt. It helps as well that for Icelandic internal flights there is none of the ceremony of checking in 3 hours beforehand and sticking your lipgloss in a see-through plastic bag. Nope, this is more like getting a bus, and if you check in more than 20 minutes before the flights leaves (as we did) you feel somewhat conspicuous.

I probably needn’t have dashed from the “gate” to the “plane”, but something inherent in my jet plane experience made me worry I was holding things up (I wasn’t)  if I’d stopped to get this scene in focus. I thought I’d show you it anyway, as the clouds are such pretty colour:

Hallgrimskirkja from Reykjavik Airport


So now we have 3 nights in Akureyri before we head back to Reykjavik for what is surely going to be the 5 nights of complete and inebriated insomnia, “punctuated” by almost constant live music, and maybe the odd egg butty from the Grái kötturinn, that will undoubtedly be Iceland Airwaves. HOORAY! In the meantime I have some challenges –

1) Find the bar in Akureyri with rude pictures on the ceiling

2) Acquire for my travelling companion a nice fit Icelandic lad, preferably a beardy one

3) Go see Mývatn and in fact as much of Northern Iceland as we can in a midget hire car in 2 days

Seeing all the bands I want to see at Airwaves, not to mention finding time to attend “brunch of legends” with “Iceland” Bob Cluness and Mark “Iceblah” Ollard, and avoiding a hangover on at least some of the days, will be a whole other challenge. Watch this space…

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